Arranging a Baptism

Reina's baptism

Anyone is welcome to be baptised (or 'Christened') in North Lambeth Parish, regardless of age, geography or commitment.  We believe that baptism is an outpouring of God’s grace on all God’s people.  We recommend that anyone thinking about being baptised first attend one of our churches and speak to a member of the clergy.  You can also contact us by using the contact form.

If the baptism is for a child, godparent/s are required.  Ideally there will be three godparents per child, but there’s no reason why there cannot be more or less.  Godparents need to be Christian.  

More information, including answers to many questions, can be found on the Church of England Christenings website.

Baptisms are free of charge.

If you would like a baptism, please complete the Baptism application form, and send it to the parish office.

If you would like to have a service to mark the birth or growth of you child, but you’re not sure baptism is right for you, we also offer services of Thanksgiving.  A member of the clergy will be happy to talk through the different options with you.

A lovely YouTube video giving a bit more information about christenings can be found here.  It's about the baptism of Prince George.