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Kicking Against The Wall

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"Kicking against the Wall" is a collaborative, multimedia project of the Kennington - Bethlehem link. A visual showing of solidarity and unity towards our friends in Bethlehem, it begins with an event at St Anselm’s Church, Kennington, at 9th December. The event will be recreated in Bethlehem on 30th January 2018.


An action painting, collaborating with the community of Kennington, Lambeth, we invite children and adults to kick balls against canvas on a wall covered with over 100 small balloons filed with paint. These become targets to shoot at, creating a painting, a very colourful dynamic artwork. A peaceful explosion of colour.

Football is a great global unifier, a passion that transcends injustice. Kids have throughout history an inherent desire to kick balls against walls, this project enables them to fulfill this but also has meaningful message and symbolism.

Symbolically, we see the goal as a target, kicking balls a powerful nonviolent act of resistance. The definition of scoring a goal is that the ball crosses the line, so therefore kicking beyond the wall. The outline of the goals will be Key stencils, the Key being a powerful Palestinian symbol of a return back to their homeland.

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to Sep 29

Silent Voices Photographic Exhibition

The Kennington-Bethlehem Link bring you a beautiful and thought provoking exhibition of photographs taken by the children of Bil’in, a Palestinian village in the West Bank. They offer a rare and eloquent opportunity to glimpse into the lives of children living under stress. The children were asked: “What are the messages you would like people to hear about your world and what do you want them to learn about your life?”

In St Anselm's Church

A project of Liverpool Friends of Bil’in


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Holy Week - Good Friday

On Good Friday join us at 10am for the Walk of Witness (meeting 10am at Imperial War Museum

At 2pm Veneration of the Cross Anselm's, Kennington

A stripped back and very moving Eucharist in one kind. During the service the clergy and congregation approach the cross one by one, and offer a gesture of respect to all that it represents.

At 6.30pm the world class Epiphoni choir performs at St Peter's, Vauxhall

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