St Peter's Church - hire us

St Peter’s is a church of great architectural significance, blessed with fantastic acoustics for orchestral, vocal and chamber music. The building sits on top of the site of the former Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, one of the most noteworthy musical locations in London’s history, and so is imbued with the spirit of composers such as Handel, Arne, Worgan and others. The church is centrally located close to public transport and is used extensively for concerts and/or rehearsals and other musical events.

The church is available to be hired, usually on a straightforward per hour/day/evening rate, though we do also have our own concert series and can work with you on publicity and planning.

Concerts and rehearsals

  • Typical hire cost for an evening: £250.
  • Box-office split: Where appropriate we can work on a box office split with bar proceeds to Keyed Up.
  • Typical hire cost during the day: £70/hour; £150 for half day.
  • Days / times available: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays are usually available both in the day and during the evening. For schedules involving multiple rehearsals we can make an overall deal.
  • All events and rehearsals have to be accommodated to fit in with church events, so please book as far ahead as you can.

Further Details

  • Ensemble size – max 40 for a performance.
  • We can accommodate a symphony orchestra for a rehearsal.
  • Flexible audience seating with up to 200 seats.
  • Acoustic – the tall, brick-built church has fabulous clear but resonant acoustics, particularly suited to vocal music.
  • The organ, built in 1870 by T.C. Lewis, is particularly fine but is currently awaiting restoration. It is available for use in concerts, with fees and conditions (such as tuning) agreed on a per-event basis.
  • The church also houses a grand piano that is available for concerts and rehearsals, again on a per-event basis.
  • There is a green room and small kitchen, toilets including disabled; the church is fully accessible and has disabled parking directly in front of it.
  • There is a new, comprehensive and easily controllable lighting system for the church, and lighting can be augmented by candlelight with prior agreement.
  • Music stands, podiums, PA systems and any other specialist furniture must be supplied by the hirer.
  • Push and pull – the church can provide some help if required but it is advisable to have your own.
  • Parking – at weekends and in the evenings parking is freely available in nearby streets. Parking is by permit only Mon-Fri 08.30-18.30. There is a short-stay loading bay outside the church on Kennington Lane.