Cowboy and Preacher - New film!

Will, the Director of Music at St Peter's, has made a film exploring environmental theology within US evangelicalism. 

Cowboy and preacher.jpg

Why is it that so many people oppose action to solve the environmental catastrophes we all face? At this moment when we should be uniting and circling the wagons against a common threat, our society is dividing into Right vs Left, Conservative vs Liberal.

Both sides see problems with the other. Many Christians see environmentalists as lacking core moral values. In turn, many environmentalists are baffled why Christians turn away from an issue that seems to touch on so many aspects of justice, compassion and indeed the sanctity of life. 

How can we unite again?

Tri Robinson, rancher and retired Vineyard pastor, recognises that the Bible and the environment are by no means mutually exclusive. He has worked for decades to bring round his flock. He shows how and why Christians need to face the environmental challenges around us, and how in doing so Christians can find purposeful action and be reinvigorated as an active force for good on this issue, building bridges across social divides and presenting Christianity in its best light.

Watch the trailer here.

Through beautiful images that evoke America’s western mythology, a magnificent musical score, and a narrative of Biblical proportions and epic and tragic themes, Cowboy and Preacher seeks to convert the unconverted and bring transformational change and action to the battle for the environment.

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