We're raising £2,000 to help an orphanage in Ghana

Hi! My name is Carol and I am a member of St Anselm's Church in Kennington, part of the North Lambeth Parish (NLP).

Last year we welcomed Father Gilbert Otuo-Acheampong from the Anglican Diocese of Asante Mampong (ADAM) in Ghana. He is a visiting priest who is spending a year with NLP. In joint partnership the church's mission is to help Father Gilbert raise money for the welfare of the children at the Mampong Babies Home. The Mampong Babies Home was conceived in 1967 to help children, especially babies:

Mampong 1.jpg

(1) whose mothers have died in childbirth

(2) those abandoned by their mothers

(3) who have mental health issues.

The money collected would make a positive contribution to the welfare of these children in need and greatly help to support the employment of casual workers who volunteer their time for little pay.

Mampong 2.jpg

The project proposes to buy a plot of land to start a cattle ranch and begin crop farming, which will help sustain their livelihood long-term. I would like to help raise £2,000 and would greatly appreciate your help via donation with as little or as much as you can contribute to the link below. Many thanks! Carol - xxx